spotted on ring road

incoming freshman…you were giving tours, on the uci opening day or w/e you used the little speaker talkie thing. too bad you weren’t my tour guide! :(

Arm Man

Arm man in the Bull’s jersey: You are amazing.

Please walk through campus more often.

Turtle guy

To the guy with the turtle shell backpack. I use to see you everywhere last quarter, but now you have disappeared. Come back? :(

Feb 3

You were in my bio discussion last quarter and now in my chem lecture this quarter, but I can’t seem to find you anymore! Sadface.

Coffee Cart Girl

I was studying before my lecture in PSLH at one of the tables next to the coffee cart last week, and I saw you sitting with your friend at the table across from me. Probably will never see you again, but for what it’s worth, you’re beautiful. 

Jan 6


to the girl who has the fat words JUICY on butt.. pacing back and forth the library.. SIT UR NON-JUICY ASS DOWN ALREADY…& fyi one wears those anymore… 

Jan 6

Need A Tissue?

to the girl whose been outside crying on the phone…i’m a good listener

Jan 6

Google It

to the girl who went up to my bf claiming to need help studying…go google it… 

Jan 6

Dr. Cute

to the guy studying for MCAT…. CALL ME! ;) 

Jan 6

Aviator Nerd

dude wearing the aviators..your indoors…take them off… you look like a dbag

Jan 6

Blue Eyed Girl

to the girl who always has her hair falling in front of her face, your eyes are beautiful

Jan 4


I swear to God, I see your Son, Jesus, roaming around Mesa Court! His facial hair easily confuses me with Jesus

The Guy in Calc 2B

Stop interrupting our freaking teacher! She may not be the best but she speaks broken English and you can tell she’s trying really hard. Stop being so disrespectful you ass.

Dear Guy on Facebook

We’re friends on facebook now, but I want us to be more than just liking each other’s status updates and posting wall comments. Want to ask me to coffee?


to the girl in the pink pants…please shut it